Deft & Delicious, LLC.

Mission-Driven Dining Consultants


Deft and Delicious was founded with the intent of designing sustainable dining experiences and food chain solutions for cultural destinations. We understand the importance of driving revenue generation while delivering a seamless visitor experience that aligns with mission.



Delicious, Wholesome, Consciously-Sourced and Affordable Food in Cultural Destinations, Institutions, and Public Attractions


The restoration of cooking and ingredients to a crafted and less processed food culture. We believe that scratch cooking, local sourcing, and reduced waste systems need to be aligned with modern techniques, tools, and training to create fiscally desirable outcomes and a business case for cooking the right way.


We work in an anthropological way to connect with all of the stakeholder positions in an organization. The most culturally relevant offers are the ones that understand and operationalize what connects internal vision to delicious food that matters.

“You don’t go to a new restaurant because your friend says that it is sustainable. You go because your friend says that it’s delicious.”

Restaurant Concept & Menu Development

The concept and menu for a new restaurant or a re-vamped food service location starts with the aims of the client and the needs of the customer. We create innovative and contemporary dining solutions for informal cafes, restaurants and retail food outlets. These brand concepts and menu solutions reflect the over-arching ethos of sustainability and clean food. Additionally, we design all concepts and menus to evoke your particular mission. We work with trusted partners to provide everything from vendor lists to plate photos, ensuring reproducible and consistent offerings of the highest quality.

Mission-Driven Event Design

Every event, from annual development fundraiser to a celebratory gala, can echo your brand and mission. We design events with an eye to all of the important details! The look of a dessert plate, the recyclable utensils at a barbeque, the display of a sustainably-caught sushi buffet – we work with the goals of the client in mind. Your event will be visually, conceptually and culinarily memorable.

Who We Are

Chazz Alberti
Founding Partner

Chazz Alberti brings to the company three decades of experience as a nationally successful culinary director, with a history of crafting peerless visitor dining and events for museums, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, institutions, and performing arts centers. Chazz has worked to develop new pathways to bring clean and delicious food to the larger formats where we frequently dine and to decrease the stratification of access to a sustainable food supply. He has been an invited speaker on mission-driven dining and on retooling workplaces for sustainability for The James Beard Foundation, The Center for the Future of Museums, The American Public Gardens Association and The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. His development work for the National Aquarium’s Harbor Market Kitchen and for the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Heirloom Grill both demonstrate his belief in the opportunity for considered decision-making on both sides of the plate.

Chazz has always been an advocate for the kinds of food that have a story behind them. His childhood was spent in his grandparents’ kitchen. He learned to love the results of fishing, hunting, gathering, and buying food from beloved local shops in South Philly. The search for these flavors and the authenticity of ingredients has led to a career-long advocacy for food experiences that demonstrate integrity and reflect a culture that respects ingredients.

Colette Joyce
Co-Founder and Partner

Colette Joyce is a social scientist and veteran of restaurant management and hotel operations. She has extensive training in statistics and data analysis, and has two decades of teaching experience in both university and food service environments. In her first career, she held positions in both front of house management and food and beverage management for independent and hotel food businesses. Her interest in providing sustainable solutions for contemporary and affordable dining is related to her long-standing commitment to the study of access to resources and equality in healthcare.

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